Bullet Train Hell


The force of the wind is a constant obstacle and tool as you solve puzzles on top of a bullet train! Moving against it is difficult, but moving with it grants you a burst of speed! Boxes, switches, and other objects form diabolical puzzles that require a sharp mind and quick reflexes.


It was an average day for this train conductor, but then physics puzzles appeared on top of his train and he had no choice but to solve them! Armed only with his mind and his pocket watch, he sets out to clear all the puzzles from his train!


Handed down through the years, this gorgeous watch has accompanied a long line of train conductors.  It features many complications:

  • Day of the Week
  • Calendar
  • Phase of the Moon
  • Reducing Hitbox to 2×2 Pixels
  • Multiple Time Zones
  • Thermometer


60 levels packed with puzzles, switches, boxes, restarting because of complications due to boxes, and more! With more on the way!

Responsive Touch Controls

Touch screen platformer controls are never as good as a controller, but they come close here! A simple 2-way d-pad and jump button are all you have to deal with, ensuring that it’s simple to hit what you’re aiming for.


Each level has an optional mission to complete as well as the primary one. Some are simple, but others have been known to cause ragequits.

Time Attack

How fast can you clear every level back to back? And if that’s not enough of a challenge, you can try Mission Time Attack where the level missions must be completed as well!

Wind Switches


TimeStopThe time stop switch stops time for four seconds. During this pause in time, you can move normally, ignoring all effects of the wind and also using frozen objects as platforms.


The fast forward switch turns up the bullet train’s speed from 11 to 111, amplifying the effects of the wind. During this time, you will be pushed back even when trying to move against the wind but able to leap huge distances if you move with it!


ReverseThe reverse switch instantly turns the train, and consequently, the wind around. The ever-present wind is both your enemy and your ally in this game. Learn to use the force of the wind to your advantage and you will go far.

Other Objects


Boxes can be useful tools! You can stand on them, use them to hit switches, and launch them into the air if you catch them on your head. Boxes come in many varieties, but beware! All of them find pleasure in settling into positions where they are of no use to anyone.

Multi Color Switches

ColoredSwitchesThese stereotypical colored switches turn stereotypical colored blocks off and on. They often create tricky situations that must be overcome by logic.

Launch Panels

LaunchPanelsThese springy panels can launch the conductor and boxes into the air!  The yellow ones have the same force as a normal jump but the red ones are much more powerful!

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